Hello, welcome to ūüŹÖSON OF THE WAY ROTTWEILER KENNELūüŹÖ Where you’re able to purchase your German, Serbia or European Rottweiler¬†puppy of your choice, one that your family can enjoy for many years. Here at Son Of The Way Rottweiler Kennel. We feel that everyone should receive a quality world class champion Rottweiler. The type that will¬†ultimately lead to a wonderful relationship between you and your family.¬†Son Of The Way Rottweiler Kennel also makes it our top¬†priority to sell only the same quality of champion Rottweiler puppies each time, as the ones that we would have in our own kennel. We breed each time to improve the Quality of our puppies each breeding. Also to¬†enhance the confidence and sociable nature of our puppies. Our Rottweilers are also bred to be great workers and defenders of their new¬†families.¬†We feel we have some of the most top Quality bloodlines and know that their German, Serbia and European puppies are sure to¬†exceed even a higher expectations. It‚Äôs very simple, We breed for the highest Quality Rottweiler puppies that you can get. We here at Son Of the Way Rottweiler Kennel breed only AKC registered, DNA tested, multi champion Bloodline. Our motto is what we provide (QUALITY IS OUR BLOODLINE). All of our puppies come from strong, sounded and Sociable parents as the puppies will be also.¬†So, if you’re looking for a Quality plus a Champion bloodline Rottweiler puppy all in one, you have founded the right place here at Son Of The Way Rottweiler Kennel. Where Quality Is Our BLOODLINE. We are committed to breeding for the top Quality puppies.
So please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or interest in any of our puppies.  Phone number: 985-516-1025                            email: spikes.b@yahoo.com